Sunday, July 20, 2008

T-Shirt blanket

So, this blanket was quite a challenge. A friend of mine wanted to turn her old t-shirts into a blanket, something I have never done before, so she just brought them over, cut them out, and we started putting them together. It was really hard to get an exact fit so we had to improvise once we actually started sewing, but I think it turned out OK. I know how to do it next time much more quickly and easily, and it might look a little better. Luckily she was a great, not picky customer and we had fun working on it together.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Making dresses is hard!

Ok, so making dresses and making quilts are nothing alike. I think I am pretty good at making quilts, so I decided to make myself a dress before a wedding I am going to in August. Well, this dress is giving me fits. I don't fit into one size on the pattern, so I have to fake it to get the size right. And even then it doesn't fit in random places (the inside of my shoulder, my theighs, etc.) and I don't really know how to fix it. Grr, it is so frustrating! The pattern claims it is easy but I just don't know what I am doing wrong. I wish the pattern wouldn't assume I already know what I am doing but explain everything in great detail. If I didn't have my mother-in-law's help I wouldn't have even made it this far. Anyway, hopefully I will finish it before the wedding I am going to or else I am just going to have to wear an old boring dress that I have had for a long time. Wish me luck! I will put a picture up once I get it figured out (with more help most likely...).